Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The beginnnings...

The day after Thanksgiving, Tara fell in love. Not with a human or animal. With a car. One as old as her; Specifically a black 1972 MG Midget.

The little Midget had been sitting in the garage of a friend of my uncle's for about 15 years, until his wife told him he didnt want it any more. My uncle adopted it, but decided he had too many projects all ready. When he told us he was going to sell it for what he had into it ($350) I started drooling, but wanted to hide my desire. I too have way too many projects.

Tara, on the other hand was visibly excited. "I WANT THAT CAR! I'LL LEARN TO REBUILD THE ENGINE, I'LLLEARN TO DRIVE A STICK!" She said. After confirming with her five or ten times, we decided to get the car.

I'm starting this blog because we finally reserved an auto trailer and bought a car cover for the Midget. She'll be joining our family on Saturday.